Sunday, 15 May 2011

I Didn't...I Do...

I didn't intend to...

be silent for almost a week

not write my Tuesday Thoughts

delete all the photos from my camera of London Town in the sunshine

go to sleep after school on Wednesday and sleep through the allocated slot for my OU telephone tutorial

to go to the pub two evenings running this week

just browse blogs this week and not leave any messages

have a good three days of a diet and then slip up more than slightly 

to start tidying our wardrobes and leave it all on the living room floor and just work round it

still have to send off my passport application

forget to water the garden on a couple of occasions this week

get to Friday and wonder where the week has gone and why we've reached 15th May already. 

I do intend to...

write my own posts 

take some interesting photos

not sleep after school

read blogs properly and leave comments

stick to my diet and start some exercise

tidy those clothes away

get myself sorted out after school and stick to a routine

get my photos taken and send the passport application off

get myself sorted out (especially after school) and stick to a routine

water the garden when it needs it (every day at the moment!)

use my time wisely for the rest of the month and be able to tick things off that list!


  1. If you make a list of things to do, make sure that you put a couple of easy ones at the top, so you can tick them off right away, and give yourself a head start!

    Pomona x

  2. Aww don't worry about it, we all slip up now & again! Hope school is going well for you x

  3. As they say, "today is a fresh new day!" And I noticed your list is 10 + 1... you are a go-getter! :)

  4. Be kind to yourself - you're still adjusting (and I say pack in those nights at the pub while you are able to!).

  5. Sleeping after school? Sounds like it is knackering you out a little? I bet those sleeps are blissful though! Sorry to hear you deleted your photos by accident though - what a pain! xxx

  6. I'm a bit of a list person too, but we just have to accept that there will be some days the list just doesn't get completed! At least you went to the pub a couple of times though!

  7. OMG it is so hard not to have 40 winks after school isn't it - I find it best not to sit down until the kids have been fed and watered and the dishwasher has been loaded up!