Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Paper Dreams

When I was trying to come up with a title for this post Paper Dreams immediately sprung to mind. You will find it suits today's musings perfectly. However did you know that the phrase Paper Dreams is actually street speak for dreaming of better times and of money and grandeur? I don't exactly dream of that but it would be very nice.

What I find myself daydreaming about is an emporium of crafting and pretty things that I found last year on my honeymoon trip to Boston.

As I know that lots of you are in the US and a few of you are going to have holidays there this year, I thought I really ought to pass my love of this store on. If only I'd known about it before my trip I would have saved my pennies and taken an empty suitcase so I could buy more things to bring home.

This crafter's heaven is called Paper Source and is a small chain in the US. You need to imagine it as a cross between Paperchase and HobbyCraft.

The stores have gorgeous windows decorated by the staff who really know their stuff. They have lots of tutorials and in-house events for customers to learn new skills such as making your own invitations, cards and learn more about stamping and embossing.

Everything is very tasteful (as much as I like HobbyCraft sometimes I find the things they have for sale a bit gaudy and garish). The colours of the card they sell - in so many shapes and sizes - are all very lovely and it's great quality too.

Paper Source sells a unique line of seasonal craft kits. We visited in September and October and it was full of things for Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  

They sell paper wreath kits for each season. I have one in autumnal colours and another with poinsettia flowers for Christmas (like the one above). I also made a paper mistletoe kit last year.

Sadly they don't deliver to the UK at the moment, so lovely Shannon was very kind sent them onto me.

I continue to have daydreams about this gorgeous store and think of all the wonderful things I could buy.

Don't you just love this colourful wreath for spring?

I'm almost certain there will be a sunflower one for the summer months.

I think I'll stop drooling now, but hope that if you visit Paper Source in the near future you find it as exciting as I do. It's a store with so many paper possibilities.

And even though I said last week that I'd only my own run my own children's bookshop instead of teaching, perhaps I'll just have to add a papercraft shop to that wish list!


  1. Oooh I love those wreaths! What a nice little discovery you have made there. Such a shame its so far away. If I'm ever in Boston, I will be sure to check it out! xxx

  2. I did not know about that expression, paper dreams!! I love learning something new!! And Oh my goodness, that store is just too much!! I get in so much trouble with paper, even at the local craft store, let alone a store like that!!

  3. they are so pretty - i love us stuff sometimes!!! Hope you're keeping well and enjoying the sunshine - don't you start your new job really soon? xxx

  4. I think you should combine the paper and book shop - after all, books are made of paper... and wouldn't Paper Dreams be the perfect name for such a store? :)

  5. That shop sounds fab! I love Paperchase and can spend ages drooling over pretty writing paper and notebooks! Those wreaths do look so lovely, what a shame they don't ship to the UK.
    R x

  6. I can relate to this! I used to collect stationary as a child - I've still got it all, neatly filed in photo albums. A little bit sad, really, but I still get all fluttery when I see some nice note paper!

  7. Ooh I love that spring wreath - very ... springy! x

  8. Those are beautiful! Did you like Boston?

  9. Yes Pomegranategrl, I SO loved Boston! I want to live there. It was my second visit to the city and I loved it more than I had remembered. I've never felt anywhere that I've thought I could just move to and feel at home in. It is in such a great location too for getting to New York and out to the coast and up to the mountains. I must post some of my photos and memories of Boston soon.

    Where do you live? x

  10. Another fan of paper related stuff here. Hope your paper dreams become a reality.