Saturday, 23 April 2011

Lighter For Spring

I have a new hair-do.

It's considerably lighter and shorter than I normally have it coloured and cut.

Me - April 2011
 It was a means to an end as I want to grow it longer and have it all one length. To achieve this, the straggly layers needed to go.

I don't instinctively feel like a short-hair person but I'm quite liking it being so thick and so manageable. Only a five minute hair dry required!

Anyhow, it's now lighter and brighter and perfect for the gorgeous weather!


  1. Its very Mad Men that do.
    Right on trend... you just need an owl on your head somewhere and you'd be really trendy. Or are owls last season now? Hmmm?

  2. Ooh very glamorous! And strangely our hair is almost exactly the same colour!

  3. I don't think I've seen a photo of you "before" but your new do looks fabulous! What I wouldn't give for hair as thick & swishy as that!
    R x

  4. Oh it's lovely - you look so glam in your sunglasses! Serious hair envy here!

  5. beautiful! I have not had short hair in years, but you might have me convinced to go for it. love the color of your hair too :)

  6. Thank you everyone. I'm still not sure I could get to the length but it's nice to know that you think it looks pretty. x

  7. You look beautiful! I LOVE the color!

  8. Its beautiful! Very different but definately a really pretty change. New hair, sparkly new job! xxx