Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Early April - Wind & Rain

This morning I was thinking about what to post today. Then I remembered that it was Tuesday.

Not A Good Pupil
In the past two days I've had to bluff my way through a telephone tutorial with my OU lecture and complete my homework for curtain-making class at lunchtime. I had planned to do both study and handwork on Saturday when I had a completely clear day but had an all-day headache and didn't achieve a thing.

Now I have cleared the decks a little I should be able to get back on track with these things. In fact I believe I owe it to myself to stick to target and deadlines because how can I criticise a child for not doing their work when I'm guilty of it as well?

All Kitted Out
Yesterday I treated myself to a new pencil case and ring binder to get prepared for my new job.

Posy Floral Pencil Case from Paperchase
Isn't it cute?

It matches a notebook, pen and filing box that Little B and Little E's parents bought for me as a congratulations/good luck present.

I will try to be organised - start as I mean to go on and all that!

Holiday Plans - Eight Working Days To Go!
Now that my leave date is in sight I'm starting to think about plans for my 10 day holiday. Mr P has booked the week off work and so we are (finally) going to decorate our room together. I felt bad leaving Mr P to do it himself as I would be at work, but now that we can do it together I'm really looking forward to making it a joint project.

So by Easter I should have a nicely decorated bedroom.

But we have to finish decluttering the rest of the house first - long story!

But first, this weekend, we're going to Columbia Road Market for a little Sunday shopping expedition. The weather forecast looks good and I just can't wait.

International Friendships
For some unknown reason my stats in the past week have really shot up, with lots of new people reading my blog especially from the USA.

Out of sheer curiosity it would be great to know where you are all commenting from and how you found my blog. I'm just so intrigued as to how we find each other.

Have a happy Tuesday and a great week!


  1. Good luck with all of your projects, and I hope you find something lovely at the Market!

  2. In my experience, good teachers are always stationary lovers!

  3. You're not too busy then!!! Love the pencil case, our Paperchase shut down which was a shame, but better for my purse!x

  4. I won't even get started on my love of new stationary, it makes me sound like too much of a weirdo!!

  5. Ah less than 8 days then...so this is your last week? xxx

  6. Ah Paperchase! I could spend all my salary in there every month!!

    I'm commenting from the NE of England - can't remember how I came across you, I think I saw your comment on another blog, and you being a cat I had to check you out!

  7. I wish I had a reason to buy myself a new pencilcase. That used my favorite bit about the new school year. x.

  8. I've always wanted to go to Columbia Road Market, but have somehow never made it. I really don't know why we don't visit London more often, as we are only on the South Coast! I missed the new Paperchase design. I haven't been opening my e-mails from them! May get to Brighton tomorrow, so will most definitely have a look. x