Friday, 1 April 2011


April is the time in the year to spring back to life.

Time to dry clean my thick winter coat and put it back in the wardrobe to hibernate for the summer.

Time to write the first essay for my Open University course.

Time to get out in the garden to dig and plant.

Time to sit down with the manual for my new camera and properly work out how to use it.

Time to look forward to a long spring and summer and put events and meet ups in the diary.

Time for the new bed to arrive and finish decorating our bedroom.

Time to relax, sort myself out and prepare for the next term(!) during a 10 day holiday.

Time to cook healthier meals and make time time to exercise to avoid looking like a dumpling in summer clothes.

What are you making time for this April?


  1. Wow you have lots planned for April, hope it all goes well! x

  2. Best of luck with it all!! I think I'm going to adopt you first line "Time to spring back to life" as my motto for this month and that's all I'm going to concentrate on :)

  3. sounds like a good April to me! a holiday, a new bed- woo hoo! We've got a garden to plant too, a little boys birthday to celebrate, an art show to get ready for, and (hopefully) some nice weather to enjoy. have a great weekend :)

  4. I am trying not to look like a dumpling, too. :) Also looking forward to some happy vacation activities this week for the boys spring break, and heading to Utah to pick up Bronte at the end of the month. And hopefully some SUNSHINE!

  5. Had to laugh at your list I've been meaning to read the manual for my camera for about 3 years. I'm looking forward to a bit of heat in the sun, I am so so sick of wearing layers of clothes and socks, I want my flipflops on.

  6. i'm making time to go on more thrifting expeditions to welcome new and fresh pieces into my wardrobe! =)

  7. Your spring sounds a lot like mine! This spring I'm making more time to vacuum, make lighter meals on the grill, bake (seems counter-intuitive) and spend lots of time outside with the little one. : )

    Kelly @ Creating a Family Home

  8. Just discovered you via reading comments on Yarnstorm. I too was a PA and gave up work in 1994 to have children so it was a while ago. I too thought it would be like Working Girl and sometimes it was. Other times too it was like Devil wears Prada. Recently I have gone back into it as PA to our local Rector: varied, interesting and not all at all either film. When he moved on becoming a Parish Administrator. It's something you can pick up and put down again so go forth and do something else for a while. It's exciting.

  9. ooo what open uni course? Have I missed something? xxx