Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Almost Mid-April - Sunny Sunshine


This is just a very quick Tuesday moment as this week is so busy.

I finish up at work on Friday and I'm trying to get all the loose ends tied up there.

I'm also out every night this week, apart from tomorrow when I will desperately be trying to tidy the flat and make it resemble some form of tidy normality.

And I still need to write my OU essay!

Beyond the lack of rest and worries and stress caused by a busy week before holidays, I'm feeling rather cheery.

I'm being whisked along by the fact that it is so incredibly sunny and warm outside. I'm in summer tops already (although the sleeves are just a little 'snug' on the blouse that I'm wearing today which reminds me not to eat/drink too much at all my leaving drinks and lunches this week and to factor in some exercise and lots of healthy meal planning for next week).

I will be back with more posts later this week. I have some great photos from my weekend adventure at Columbia Road Flower Market. I also have some great thrifty finds to show you. I hope you will be excited about them as I am.

Have a good week - almost hump day!


  1. Enjoy your leaving drinks and don't worry about snug sleeves. Worry about them another week. x

  2. Lots of hustle and bustle here at the moment as well; I was feeling quite cranky about it at the start of the week, and had to give myself a stern talking to, something like: "this is your LIFE, stop worrying and ENJOY it!" (I am afraid I fuss and worry too much...)
    But it sounds like you have lots of fun sprinkled into the busy - have a great final week at your job! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures :)

  3. It'll soon be the holidays! Isn't it lovely weather? I second that Vicky- just enjoy this week, you deserve it. xxx

  4. Don't worry we'll all still be here! Have a good week and enjoy your leaving drinks! xxx

  5. I finish up at my work on Wednesday. I am moving to a different branch closer to home. I am really looking forward to a fresh start, and a few less hours. Here's to new beginnings. x