Monday, 7 March 2011

When The Silent Decide To Speak

How did I get to the age of 29 without being aware that squirrels could make noises?

Yesterday (which was beautifully sunny in West London) I was sat at the kitchen table busily typing when suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from outside.

After about a minute I could no longer ignore it. I opened the patio doors and stuck my head out to discover what the cacophony was being made by.

Fluffy Cat was sat on the doormat and there was our resident squirrel balanced on the fence squawking, quacking and spitting at her quite ferociously.

It went on for several minutes and sounded like a cross between a crow and a duck.

I've found a YouTube video here which is somewhat like the noise:

Isn't it utterly bizarre?

But great to find out something completely brand new. There must be so many other surprises in nature to discover.


  1. Well I've managed to reach the grand old age of 53 without knowing that squirrels made a noise! I'll listen out now!

  2. When I was out walking last fall, a squirrel and a crow were in a tussle over something - it was the craziest cacophony I have heard (which is saying something, as I have two teenage boys!) :)

  3. Squirrels are funny things...I was walking to work the other day and one came charging down a nearby tree and looked me square in the eye and made a furious nattering noise. He/She was clearly stating their territory. I looked back at it and said 'oi squirrel, what's your problem?' and then carried on walking... I have a habit of talking to every living creature that crosses my path...! :) xxx

  4. This is new to me too! I don't come across them so much now but the grounds at High School had lots and lots and lots, some of them fairly tame- I never heard them talk! Interesting :)

  5. LOL that does sound like a cross between a squirrel and a duck! I love squirrels, although they're sneaky little critters. I once busted a squirrel way up in a tree throwing black walnuts down at my beagle. Okay, maybe it was because the beagle had chased it up that tree. ;)

    I knew they made noises, but I didn't realize until I moved from California to Missouri and tried to 'talk' to the squirrels out here but was completely ignored (or scared them so badly they ran away) that they apparently speak various different languages!

  6. I would have thought that was a crow. He/she is a noisy little blighter, that's for sure! It reminds me of the first time I heard a koala in the wild - quite scary! x

  7. I'd never thought about it before. I suppose it makes sense that they should. Didn't "Squirrel Nutkin" make noise or am I just getting confused?