Sunday, 27 March 2011

A March In March

Yesterday Mum and I joined the March For The Alternative.

We walked from Embankment to Hyde Park in protest against the government cuts.

We did not start any trouble.

Far from it, we'd even thought of stopping off at Fortnum and Mason's for tea and a cake en route.

There was an amazing atmosphere of unity and we spoke to lots of interesting people from all around the UK.

It was fun to read the messages on the placards. Mine was 'Clegg Told A Whopper'.

The best one I spotted was this:

'If you're going to kettle me, it's one milk, two sugars and I'd like some cake.'


  1. Good for you and I'm glad it didn't turn violent. I always think it's detrimental to the cause - why would anyone listen to the wishes of a bunch of hooligans?

  2. I have a friend whose brother who got arrested but I don't think he did anything bad...just wrong place wrong time... Wonder if the government will take heed? xxx

  3. I love hearing about the many ways people get involved with their government, especially when it's to voice dissent. Too many people sit back and let it all unfold without getting involved. Good job, and thanks for comments on my blog; I'm glad to have you along!

  4. How wonderful that you and your mom did this together!

  5. Oooh- good for you! I've never been a protester- what a good cause. Hope you got your cake! xxx