Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Make The Most Of Each Day

Because change happens so quickly.

I can't believe I've only just managed to capture our Camellia in flower.

The blooms are already turning yellow and falling off.

It reminds me to make the most of each day.

Nobody really likes a Wednesday but we should take the time to do something we enjoy or get pleasure from.

And I've got a half day from work to enjoy a little bit more of it - hooray! x


  1. Wednesdays are brilliant. They are officially known in my head as Hump Day. Everything gets better from here on in.

  2. Lucky you!! yes I agree, doing something enjoyable each day definitely makes the working week a more pleasurable experience - I try and do a little bit of crafting each night to make it more fun and remind myself that i shouldn't just wish the week away, the weekends are just too short for that!

  3. What gorgeous flower!! Is it the same Camelia that you can make tea from? And thank you for your comment yesterday. Unschooling has been powerful in our lives for sure. Children have so much to offer and classrooms here in the U.S. have forgotten that. I think with your open mind, you will make an amazing teacher :).

  4. Definitely something good to remember. Even on the worst day, there is usually something lovely to be found if we look for it. Your Camelia is beautiful! Enjoy your half day off.

  5. The camellia in our garden hasn't flowered at all this year. I don't think it's our only casualty of the harsh winter, either. Hope you enjoyed your half day. It's been so sunny and warm here.

  6. I had a short day at work today, late start and early finish. I cycled into work along the seafront - left in good time so as to have a cappuchino al fresco before starting. Cycling home was equally as pleasurable - the bit inbetween not so. Isn't it nice to have a bit more me time! x

  7. Hello

    I am intrigued that you think my friend Katie is married to your cousin! She is married to Paul Rushforth - is he your cousin?!

    S x

  8. Hi

    Paul Rushforth is definitely my cousin! His Mum and my Dad are first cousins and we share the same great-grandparents. I guess we were both at their wedding!

    Now I remember how I found your blog. I'd seen your blog when they had their blog when Lola was born and continued to read yours after that.

    When I saw on your post yesterday that a Katie had written about a Lola. I thought it was a very strange but possible coincidence.

    That's so funny! x

  9. OMG! They are 2 of my closest friends, I used to live with Katie before she met Paul and I met my husband.

    I was at their wedding, in fact I was one of Katie's bridesmaids - I was 5 months pregnant with Freyja at the time.

    Gosh, I'm really amazed! S x

  10. Aw - that's amazing. I remember the bridesmaids - you all had lovely, glamorous black dresses.

    It's small small world! (launches into Disney songs). We don't get to see Katie, Paul and the girls as much as we'd like but they were at our wedding last September and we were so pleased they could come. Ivy was only a few weeks old - sweet.

    I expect Katie will laugh when she hears about this! x

  11. I'm seeing her on Sunday and will definitely tell her. How funny! x