Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Late March - Cloud And Drizzle

Are we really at the end of March already? Where is this year disappearing to?

Clothing Bargain
After my big rant about clothes last week, I had a very lucky find yesterday. I wandered into The GAP yesterday lunchtime and found a gorgeous red crochet cardigan. I tried it on and it fitted, only then as I was taken it off I realised that it was from GAP Kids and was age 12-13 years. This didn't put me off, especially when I realised it was on sale and only £7.99 - bargain! I will be looking in the kid's sections in future!

Goodnight John Boy
Despite working in TV I just can't find anything enjoyable to watch at the moment. The best programme I've seen so far this year was a documentary called Leaving Amish Paradise which told the story of two families as they left their Amish community. It is worth catching if it's repeated.

So with nothing to watch on the box, I've borrowed Mum's DVDs of the first series of The Waltons. I am really enjoying the stories about John Boy and his family. We watched it on Sunday mornings when I was small -  I always wanted Elizabeth's red hair. It's gentle but sometimes that can be refreshing in this modern world where TV dramas are so fast paced.

Not Quite Here, Not Quite There
This is turning out to be a bizarre time:
  • I've not yet finished one job and moved onto the next but (despite really trying hard)  my head isn't really in my PA job anymore.
  • Mr P is in the middle of his big project at work and is desperately waiting for it to finish so he can have a rest.
  • I'm trying to be frugal but while I still have money in my bank account I feel the need to carry on spending.
  • The weather wants to be sunny spring but sometimes it decides to regress to being winter again...especially on the day when I lock my cardigan in the living room and can't get the door open. I'm sitting in the office typing this and feeling cold.
  • We have lots of ideas for how to decorate our house but haven't yet worked out where, when, how!
I don't know if I'm coming or going and to be honest, I feel as though I'm in a bit of a whirlwind at the moment. There's so much to do and think about but am lacking the ability to prioritise and do what needs to be done and just get round to the other stuff when necessary.

I feel very overtired and am now just counting the days until I have 10 days holiday before starting work at the school to sort things out, catch up on sleep and start afresh.

There are 17 days to go!

Happy Tuesday and best wishes for the rest of the week.


  1. There is seriously no better feeling that getting clothing on sale - you feel like you've cheated the system somehow! I've been coveting a dress in Next for absolutely ages and got it on Saturday in 2 day sale they had for half price, I felt very smug about it.

    Know what you mean about the weather too - why won't it decide?!

    Hate the limbo feeling, will count down with you!

  2. I'm sure you'll feel loads better once you've finished your current job - it's hard to still have to do something when all you can think about is moving on to the next thing.

    Funny you should mention the Waltons - I got the Little House on the Prairie theme tune in my head the other day for some reason and now really want to watch then all! x

  3. The end is so close, that really should cheer you up in itself!
    Bargainus in Gap, I'll have to go in when I have some time!
    We don't tend to watch much on tv these days, mostly iplayer/ 4od, which is really nice - watching Band of Brothers at the moment which is rather spectacular - I'd recommend it if you haven't seen it, but it doesn't exactly make for chilled out viewing!

  4. It really is amazing how hard it can be to find something decent to watch on tv with all of the channels running through satellite! Usually my boys are watching sports, but I like cooking shows while folding the laundry.

    Congrats on the great sale find; I am in the mood to do a big closet purge to find out what is lurking in the back, waiting for Spring. Perhaps I can find something new to perk it all up when we go to the coast next weekend.

  5. I used to love little house on the Prairie, which I think started after the Waltons on the sunday morning slot, I used to always watch it at my auntie's and then dash home from Sunday lunch! Times seem very different now. But it was nice and slow and warm and always had some kind of moral at the end...

  6. I've got that Amish program in my planner but haven't got round to watching it yet.
    I hope the next 17 days speed by for you. x

  7. The Amish program sounds like something I'd enjoy, I wonder if it will ever be available through netflix? no television here. 17 days till a holiday is not much at all! how wonderful for you!