Thursday, 31 March 2011

The End Of An Era

Today I'm in a mood for reflection.

I think it was caused partly by me realising last night that I'd put together my last agenda for our fortnightly management meeting.

It suddenly dawned on me that not only am I leaving my job on 15th April but I'm also waving goodbye to my career as a PA/Administrator.

Seven years of juggling diaries, compiling agendas, writing minutes of meetings, filing, fetching visitors, booking travel arrangements and organising events, whilst making ten cups of tea will come to an end.

There was a time when I thought my life as a PA would be like the film Working Girl: glam, full of opportunities and excitement. My first job was in a consultancy in Soho and I would stride down Regent Street for my 8.30am start, immaculately suited and ready for action. Those were exciting days in 2005/6 when companies still had money to spend on posh Away Days, Black Tie Christmas Dinner Dances and the courier company could afford to take me and a colleague to the races.

However, after a year I decided to go back to university to finish my studies and not too long after that the company went from market leader to going into administration. How things change!

Now I realise that my working history is more like The Devil Wears Prada. I worked in admin because I need the money even though I probably still really wanted to teach (or run my own children's bookshop but that's a story for another time), I got swept away with the glamour, money and prestige of working with very talented people but then realised that sometimes you just need to follow your heart and personal ambitions no matter what they may be.

If you've seen the film surely you would agree that the character of Andy is happiest at the start and the end of the movie rather than the middle when she's living the high life?

I know I've made a good decision and as Mr P reminded me last night, I'm going to do so many very exciting things that I just don't even know about yet. And yet I know that there will be many moments in the next few weeks, as I do things for the last time and say my goodbyes, when I will get a lump in my throat, remember happy days and think about what could have been.


  1. you should enjoy those last few days, but rejoice at the thought of the adventures you're embarking upon - forget getting a lump in your throat, just wave that life goodbye and think of what lies ahead, it sounds so very exciting!!!

  2. I love The Devil Wears Prada - especially the clothes - but I agree with you, Andy does seem happiest when she is following her heart. It sounds like you have made good memories and learned some lessons along your journey.

    And I want to hear more about this children's bookstore you dream of... I'd like to own a kitschy kitchen / sweet shop. :)

  3. "Never regret but never forget" by that bloke from Stoke (not Mr B, the other one).

    As for thinking you'll never make 10 cups of tea again, welcome to the staffroom!

    Following your heart can never be the wrong decision, if its truly what your heart desires.

    Lots of love xxx

  4. I think your heart is leading you to something you're going to love. Forge on!

  5. I feel as though it won't be that easy for our comments to allay those fears- yes, you will have an exciting new start, which you have longed for, for so long, (and it all fitted together perfectly in terms of finding a job in your old school around the corner- a good sign!) You need to allow yourself to adjust, which includes feeling sad about your current job, because nobody apart from you can really know what that feels like. Tears are *totally* allowed! Poor you :( It will get better. Hugs.

    Its gonna be fab- and you have all the support in the world- hope the ajdustment gets easier, and that you can carry away some lovely memories from your present job. Look what you've managed to achieve in this one! The only way is up. xxx

  6. I like that "Never regret but never forget", not heard it before. It's OK to be sad about leaving a chapter of your life behind because that means it was a good era, but remember that you're doing it to follow your dream :)

  7. I loved this post for your sincerity and honesty. I am excited for you as you close this chapter of your life and start the next. I think feeling everything only means that you are growing and changing--a soul having a human experience. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :).

  8. awww....I enjoyed this post. It sang to me. We leave uni and start the working world full of hopes and ideas and misplaced ideals and then the real life learning begins! The road up ahead for you will be challenging and exciting and new and you are going to grow and in a few years time you'll look back and see just how far you've come and the new things you learnt! Isn't it great? You had to go through that first chapter to reach this one. Same for all of us. I'm expecting my CELTA to be tough but also hopefully incredibly exciting. Time will only tell - but I say - bring it on! Lots of love - feel we're sort of in the same boat! xxx