Monday, 14 March 2011

Children & Cake

Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope it's as sunny in your part of the world as it is in West London this morning. It is beautiful!

I also hope you had a weekend every bit as good as mine.

One of the great things was getting a replacement camera on Saturday. While I was out (at a teaching career fair!), Mr P whizzed up to John Lewis in Oxford Street and came back with a fabulous new high-spec camera. I'll have to write more about it soon. It's great - Mr P and his best friend seemed to make lots of interesting noises about it which I take to be good - but I think I will definitely have to read the instruction manual this time.

The weekend could not have got any better but it did.

We had a visit from our friends and their little family (one of the February baby girls) yesterday afternoon.

We had tea and cake and chatted, cuddled and played for hours. It was gorgeous and a great opportunity to try out the camera.

Little B scatters some magic on the (homemade - Tuesday Thoughts moment) cake....

'Oooh, cake for me?'
(Note the finger prints in the icing sugar - he'd already tried to claim the whole cake!)

'Let's get eating!'

I think Little B enjoyed the cake. I definitely did. Nom nom nom!


  1. What a darling boy! I am so glad that you had a good weekend... and cake! ;)

  2. Wow - monstrous looking cake - well done! He looks disgruntled at his 'small' slice though! :)

  3. Nothing say "mine!" like fingerprints in icing sugar. Bless.