Friday, 25 February 2011


I was listening to this song while baking yesterday and somehow the lyrics seemed very appropriate for the reflective mood I've been in this week.

It's the first breath of springtime
And a warm wind picks up the fallen blossom
And sails in circles down the street.
A lady cycles past with her hair in braids
As they're pulling down the awning to the train station cafe

I'm alive and I'm thankful
For this time

Six o' clock, summer afternoon
Next door's kids are playing in the yard
I'm doing the dishes at the window and the radio's playing 'Superstar'
And the sun falls down on the garden next door
But two young boys are fighting, till a woman appears at the door

And the fires and the fog and the falling leaves
Under October skies
You walked me home in the cold after closing time
As the leaves rushed by

How I want to be loved
How I need to be loved
Now that I've found you, I'd do anything for you

In the Forest of Angels that's where we laid you down
And I can hear whispers
When the first frost falls on the ground

You're alive, just be thankful
For this time
Written By : Joyce / Brown 

On this day, as I turn 29, I am thankful for -
Being born to such wonderful, caring, loving parents
Finding such a lovely, kind, beautiful man to marry and share my life with
Having a supportive and caring family
Sharing lovely times with very special friends and their adorable children
Being excited about opening cards and presents from family and friends, including a suprise parcel from the USA 
Warm morning snuggles with Fluffy Cat 
Being able to wish the two people I know who I share my birthday with, many happy returns
Seeing the first bloom on our pink Camellia this morning and remembering the dear person who gave it to my parents
Hearing the ducks quacking and splashing around in the pond in the park on my walk into work
Looking bravely ahead to the joys of the coming year

In addition, I want to thank you for all your kind, lovely and amusing words to my posts, especially to yesterday's one. Your advice was invaluable and I will carry your wisdom with me throughout the year.

I am so annoyed that I can't find a way on Blogger to easily respond to each comment  (one thing which Typepad did well), but I will make time in the coming week to drop you a quick email.

Have a very happy Friday.

And if you're tempted by cake today, have one for me - my birthday can be your excuse! x


  1. Happy Birthday! Love the one about the ducks quacking :) Ooh, cake! Well, if you insist... xx

  2. Happy Birthday lovely Pink Cat- so many ideas there of things to appreciate! Hope you have a lovely time today. xxx

    PS- same with the blog comments! Thank you for your continued sweet thoughts. xxx

  3. Ok done! Just had a shortbread!! Happy birthday :-)

  4. Fantastic! Any excuse for a slice of cake'll do for me :0)

    I'm thankful for having your friendship and love.

    Have a wicked birthday, my lovely x

  5. P.S. the verification code that I had to type in for my last post spelt HOSEARSE. Made me giggle!

  6. Very Happy Birthday to you! Hope you have a wonderful day
    R xx

  7. Happy birthday and a lovely weekend to you!

  8. Lovely lyrics! Happy birthday to you :) I will be 29 at the end of March agghhh!

  9. Happy Birthday! I'll take any excuse to go and eat cake. Hope you have a lovely day,x

  10. What a perfect birthday post! I hope you had a wonderful day. I am eating some blueberry-apple crisp with vanilla ice cream in your honor. :)