Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mid-Feb Tuesday - grey and showery

It's Tuesday, so time for some Tuesday thoughts.

Still Not Back In The Picture
Sorry for not posting a picture yesterday of the Valentine’s Card I made at Homemade London. I’m still without a camera and getting really frustrated with it now. What I can achieve on my mobile phone camera is lousy in comparison. Last night I even dreamt I found my camera in a cupboard – I must be getting desperate. We’re hoping to hear back from our insurance company soon, so hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m snap happy again.

It’s A Girl!
We’re still waiting to hear about the arrival of the babies. One was due yesterday and the other is due on Thursday. However, we had some interesting news on Sunday from my sister in law. She found out on a visit to the vet that her 10 year old cat (which had previously belonged to my father in law and she had given it a home when he passed away) is actually a girl. We always thought that the cat was just a very soft Tom but alas she’s a very tough girl. Scud seems like a very silly name for her now, yet the feminine options aren't much better: Scudwina and Scuderella!

Sunny Spain
I have just booked a trip to Madrid in July. Mr P and I will be attending the wedding celebrations of my Spanish friend and her husband. They are getting married earlier that week in London and flying to Madrid to celebrate with her family and friends at the weekend. We’re very excited about the trip, neither of us have been to Spain before. Have you got any tips on what to visit? We’ll be trying to stick to a budget while we're there so would be grateful of any cheap but chic suggestions.

Pink Splodges
At the weekend we started to plan the redecoration of our bedroom. This meant a trip to B&Q to buy lots of sample paint pots. On Sunday we splodged and sponged and tried to see what we like. We’re going to live with it on the walls for a couple of weeks to see what looks better in different lights. Our room is so incredibly dark. I have already picked our curtain fabric. It’s from John Lewis and is a modern take on a traditional floral pattern. I think it should work really well. This week sees the start of our big house clear out – scary! We're already a week behind in our decorating but decided it was better to declutter now rather than wait until afterwards. Soon our car will hopefully be full of boxes and bin bags on their way to the charity shop...and our house will be clutter free and tidy.

Today I am waiting to hear if I'm a little bit closer to step one of my BIG plan being realised. I don't want to say what it is incase it doesn't happen but I'm nervously waiting, looking at my mobile and willing it to ring. I'm prepared if it doesn't work out but also very much hoping it will come together. I hope I hear soon - it is very difficult to type with crossed fingers!

What plans are you making this Tuesday?


  1. Big plan? Ooo sounds exciting! I also like the news about the cat! Hee hee! She must be so confused! And cool on going to spain - I went to Madrid for two days but not long enough to recommend anything really - I liked what I saw though - it is a fun place...hot though! Dress light! xxx

  2. You'll love Madrid. I'd recommend visiting the museums/art museums - at the very least go see Picasso's Guernica in the Museo Reina Sofia. You could also take in some late night flamenco.
    Good luck with the de-cluttering.

  3. Spain sounds lovely - just dreaming of a vacation is such a lift! I am doing some odd jobs around the house today and hopefully getting outside for a nice walk, as the sun has made an unexpected, but very welcome, appearance.

  4. Enjoy Spain... and the Wedding celebrations. It all sounds lovely. The news on your family cat made me giggle :) We're all getting the de-cluttering feeling with it getting gradually nearer to Spring... which must mean less 'grey and showery' and more 'bright and sunny' appearing soon! x