Friday, 11 February 2011

Homemade Hearts

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the first Social session at Homemade London.

It is a really lovely, warm and friendly environment that any eager crafter will immediately feel at home in.

The workshop area is beautiful. It is decorated in bespoke wallpaper featuring old fashioned sewing machines and vintage hat boxes. The room is light and airy and the walls have samples of work that has been created at previous workshops. It is the kind of room that all us busy crafty folk dream of having at home.

Nicola (who started Homemade) and Tanya  (otherwise known as The Perfume Mistress) led the session and they made everyone feel relaxed and at ease. In no time at all it felt like I was sat round the table with old friends, each of us doing our own thing but having a real giggle and sharing ideas.

The theme for the evening was Valentine's Day card making. There were some demonstration cards for us to see. Each one was very beautifully designed and professional-looking but the supervision and the handy crib sheet we were given at the start, made me think straightaway 'I can do this'.

In the two hour session (well, maybe a little more as it was gone 10pm when I finally left and I'd arrived just before 7.30pm) I made a gorgeous card, an envelope to put it in and a heart shaped teabag. The latter is a great idea that could be adapted for any occasion - bunnies at Easter and holly leaves or stars at Christmas. I left feeling that I'd accomplished a lot and had made something very special for Mr P to open in a few days time.

The other sessions that are run here look equally great - you can make your own lingerie, cushions and perfume or learn how to make curtains and use a sewing machine. However, while I'm on my thrifty mission I think I will have to be satisfied with this (unless someone would like to buy me a voucher for my upcoming birthday - hint hint), but for £15 you can learn a new craft, have something special and unique to take away, enjoy a couple of glasses of wine and some nibbles and make new friends. I think the cost is great seeing as I could easily spend that going to the cinema and £15 doesn't even cover the full cost of drinks and popcorn.

I will definitely be attending another Social meeting. I left feeling inspired and ready to try out the suggestions for other cards at home. I already know what I'll be giving my lovely mum on Mothering Sunday.

Thanks to Nicola, Tanya and the other ladies for making it such a fun and creative evening.

And of course, you'll finally get to see the card on 14th February. I hope that will be something worth you coming back for.


  1. Sounds like such a fun evening; I will definitely be back to see the results! Have a happy weekend :)

  2. Ohhhh! That sounds lovely. Where is it? I'd like to make a pilgrimage / nosey there myself, when I'm back in London.
    Have a good weekend. May try and give you a tinkle at some point... its been too long x

  3. I've walked past this place before! It looks very cool - how did you find out about it?