Tuesday, 22 February 2011

End of February Tuesday - Mist And Murk

Time for some Tuesday thoughts.

Sunshine In My Heart
Despite it being vile outside, I’m feeling very chirpy today. Mr P left for work unusually early this morning and I took the opportunity to play (very loudly) the music from Amélie and lots of Joni Mitchell whilst getting ready. Those songs are always the soundtrack to my summers, so perhaps that is what has made me feel lighter and brighter today.

Special Cuddles
On Sunday we went to visit Little E and her family. She is such a gorgeous bundle, the mirror image of her big brother, Little B as a newborn. We had lots of cuddles with her, played with a very grown up 21 month old and chatted with her mum and dad. A lovely Sunday!

Poorly Moggie
We had a very poorly Fluffy Cat last week. She wasn’t eating and was as floppy as a rag doll. She’d really lost her sparkle and this demanded a visit to the vet. £300 later it turns out that she’d probably eaten something that had disagreed with her. After lots of quiet, sleepy days, special food and medicine, she’s thankfully made a full recovery and is making up for her lack of energy last week by being full of life this week.

Homemade Plates
After enjoying my first session so much, I’ve signed up for another Social at Homemade London in March. This time we’re decorating china with porcelain pens. I’ve tried ceramic painting (it was very messy) but I’m intrigued by the pens and already trying to think what I can do. I’d like it to be something that I can keep and treasure forever.

Weekend Of Celebrations
Are we really nearing the end of February already? This month has flown by. Not only do I have my birthday to look forward to on Friday, but it’s Ferryside Favourite's little boy’s Naming Ceremony and 1st Birthday Party on Saturday. I am so looking forward to being his supporter and have part of a lovely poem to read. It will be a very special day. It’s just a shame that Little D will be too tiny to remember it. Let’s hope we can all create lots of memories with photos to show him in the future.

Wow – what a lot of things to be smiling about. Now that I’ve listed them I can definitely see why I have a reason to be joyful.

What has made you smile most this February?


  1. Oh no poor Fluffy Cat! Glad she's on the mend. Got to love those vet bills.

    Very keen to hear how the Homemade London session goes - I've not got steady hand so would be terrified to paint on porcelain - pens sound a) much easier and b) more versatile.

    Getting to goal weight on 1st Feb made me smile a lot. As did some of the comments I got on my post yesterday - thank you so much.

  2. Joni and Amelie - you sound a woman after my own heart! Glad fluffy cat is OK but yikes to that bill!!

  3. I am glad to hear fluffy cat's problem was easily (if not cheaply) solved. The weatherman is forecasting 3-7 inches of snow for this afternoon, which is definitely not making me happy, so perhaps I will take inspiration from you and listen to my summer playlist!
    For February, kind friends have made me happy. It has been a harder-than-average month, but I have been the recipient of many random acts of kindness. I am thankful for those tender mercies.

  4. Get Well Soon Fluffy Cat! I'm definately smiling about the slightly sunnier weather, and the little green spikes poking out of the earth in the flower borders. I smiled when I heard my little girl sing 2 new songs about 'space' that she learnt from school, word for word, with such enthusiasm for the subject! Its lovely. Also, receiving my first hand-picked daisy of the year. :) xxx