Thursday, 24 February 2011

30 Years Minus 366 Days

Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be 29.

When I think about what I wrote in my old blog on this day last year, I see just how mixed up I was. I wanted for my life to change and for me to be happier but I didn’t really know how to go about getting there. I had no idea that my experience of life was going to get much worse before it got better.

However since 2011 began, I have started to see the rainbow at the end of the storm.

So as I turn 29, I have a few ideas about value, personality and lifestyle changes that I can make to try to achieve happiness in my heart and in my head by my 30th birthday.

to others
to new things
to the sound of my own and my loved ones laughter
to the sound of peace and quiet

the morning - getting up earlier to enjoy more minutes in every day

my own faults and failings
that a happy messy home is better than an unhappy tidy house

in wisdom: understanding myself and gaining knowledge
my hair: so I can wear it loosly and curly and not have to blow dry and straighten it all the time
a beautiful garden, somewhere tranquil in all seasons

new things and being brave when I’m doing them
not to give up when things go wrong
to have patience and embrace the moment
to get ahead in my BIG plan
to make our flat the home we want it to be

to enjoy more fruits and vegetables
that I don’t want to be materialistic and making sure that I stick to these values when I’m tempted by greed
to steal a bit of time each day to look after myself

the simple things in life: the sun, birdsong, the first raspberries in summer and the first apples of autumn, the crunch of snow underfoot in winter and the warmth of sand on bare toes in the summer
myself and making the most of my skills and attributes
others, and knowing that I am unconditionally loved back

If you have one piece of advice or can suggest something you think I must do in this year, I would love you to share it.


  1. I'm not going to add anything to your list because it's beautiful as it is. You're spot on x

  2. I think your list is wonderful!

    The one thing I am trying to remember is - "Happiness is a journey, not a destination." I don't remember who said it, but I think it is perfect. I have a bad habit of thinking "I will be happy when... (fill in the blank); what I need to be doing is appreciating all of the little joys each day.

    It looks like you are well on your way to doing that already!

  3. This is a lovely post. I'm so curious now about your old blog, I will have to go and have a read! I think I am still in your old mixed up place - I want to be happy but am not getting close to it. Sounds like you are doing really well - I would be really interested to know how you managed to turn things around?

  4. I think you have pretty much covered it all. If you can strive to attain all those things I think you will most definitely be an incredibly contented person. I think that's the important emphasis to place on yourself - that you will TRY and achieve these things not definitely achieve them - if you try and do the latter you will put too much pressure on yourself and negate the idea of trying to be happy in yourself generally.

    I think accepting my own faults and failings is something I need to work on and not beat myself up continually about them.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  5. Hello sunshine! What a thoughtful post!

    Hmm...what can I add? Can't think of a lot off the top of my head. Enjoying the moment is my big thing right now. Maybe for the fun factor say hello to every bird or cat or squirrel that crosses your path when you are walking alone? I always do that...makes me smile.

    I also must get into the habit of secretly thanking when I eat meat...after all an animal gave its life for us to have dinner...

    Hmm....not much else at the forefront of my mind right now... you can tell I have animal welfare on the brain though right? Think a post on that will be coming

  6. Great list! We should all try to follow it. :)

  7. That's a beautiful list - I love the mix of concrete and abstract goals and I'm sure that if you manage to follow even some of these ideals you'll have a beautiful and happy year ahead.

    I think happiness means so many different things for different people that it's really hard to define. But sometimes it's the times when you stop striving for it and just accept life as it is that you realise you're happiest of all.

  8. This makes for a lovely read- and it sounds like stopping to take in the detail, and to appreciate the finer things is the right thing for everybody just now!
    Hoping that you have also stopped to think of the achievements of the last year today, and said 'well done me' for getting through any tribulations, with a thoughtful and wonderful outlook. Wishing you the pinkest and sparkliest of birthdays, xxx

  9. Live in the moment.

  10. I missed this one yesterday - lovely post. I love what Shannon says about happiness being a journey and not a destination - I could do with remembering that.

    Also love the Curious Cat's idea of saying hello to small animals, though I think I do this anyway without thinking, in the same way I say thank you to the cashpoint when it gives me my money :S

  11. Wonderful list - I particularly like the one about accepting a happy messy home - that's one thing that I'm rather good at ;)

  12. Great list, my advice would be just go for it, you're only young once!