Sunday, 30 January 2011

This Is Me

Here are a few things about me. 

Some are more frivolous than others.

  • I'm really enjoying the current trend for jumper dresses and boots. I like being both fashionable and comfortable. 
  • My favourite shop is Angela Flanders Perfumery on Columbia Road by the Flower Market. I have a real weakness for Coromandel and Bois de Seville candles. I alternate my perfume between Melissa in the colder seasons and White Roses when it should be warm and sunny.
  • I had an amazing wedding day last September. It was the perfect day. I was very proud to have four lovely little bridesmaids and three cute pageboys.
  • I'm very much English but also like to think that I'm a bit Welsh. Although my paternal grandmother's family migrated to South Wales from Cornwall, so that really makes me 100% English.
  • I love hot frothy milk with cinnamon or nutmeg and never say no to a stem ginger muffin. 
  • I love being a Londoner but am also very much at home in the North which is where Mr P is from. I think it comes from an interest in both London Social History and Northern Industrial History. 
  • Sabrina came to live with us only three weeks after we moved in. I love sharing our home with her but I don't like being woken up early during the summer when she wants runs up and down the hallway hoping will get up to let her out so she can play.
  • I have a degree in History but also studied History of Art and Politics in my first year at university. The Politics exam was the hardest exam I've ever had to sit.
  • I'm a keen crafter and cook, but am often put off making things or cooking because I worry that the results will not be good. This is something I'm keen to overcome this year and keep reminding myself to chance my arm and do my best.
  • I always wanted to be a Primary School Teacher but ended up being a Personal Assistant. They are very different careers, but people control skills are essential for both jobs.
  • I love Emma Bridgewater pottery but have had to limit myself to only buying seconds otherwise I just get carried away.
  • I am happiest when I'm with my family and friends, especially all the lovely little people.

So you've now discovered a few things about me.

If you leave a comment, please tell me something trivial about yourself.


  1. I love drinking hot chocolate with cinnamon blended in :)

    For the crafting, start out making some small projects for use in your own home. I just started sewing a couple of years ago; like you, I avoided it for a long time because I was afraid I would mess up. Anytime I started to feel panicky, like my seams didn't match precisely, I just reminded myself that it was just for me, and that I was supposed to be enjoying myself! It took a lot of the pressure off.

  2. Welcome back and so pleased to visit you in your new home. Love the photograph. Something trivial? I can't stop buying notebooks!