Saturday, 29 January 2011

Pink Cat's New Home

Firstly, thank you ever so much if you've followed me from my old home - Hello again!

And secondly, if it's the first time you've stumbled across my blog - Welcome!

I've been blogging since February 2009 and really enjoyed sharing my experiences and adventures with lots of new bloggy friends. But after returning from honeymoon last autumn my life seemed very topsy turvy and I just couldn't find the inspiration or motivation to blog.

I always knew I wanted to start writing again and now feel that I'm getting into a position where I'm more positive and inspired. January has been a fairly good month and I have lots of ideas and plans to turn life around.

In the next few months I hope to have lots to share with you...
  • The adventures I have using my new sewing machine, knitting needles and crochet hooks which were Christmas presents from my husband (known as Mr P).
  • The joys and woes of redecorating our flat. After 3 years living there we've realised that there are lots of changes we want to make to make it feel lighter and less cluttered. Mr P and I would like to feel more comfortable and cosy in it.
  • The ways I find to spend less and save money as I start to progress with my plans for the future.
  • Lot of words and pictures as I try to relax and find pleasure in the simpler things in life.
I have decided to use Blogger as I really wanted a fresh start for my blog in 2011 (and also wanted to save a bit of money).

If you'd like to visit my old home, you can find it at...
I plan to keep my old site open for a month or so to give time for friends who have followed it in the past to find their way here.

I hope you will pop back again soon.


  1. Hello, I just found your lovely new blog home, I thought for a while you had disappeared. Really looking forward to hearing all about your new married life. Welcome back.

  2. Helloooooo! Now. GET BLOGGING!

  3. Hooray! I have missed you :)